Do Indian Children Need Visa For Vietnam?

I am India citizens. My daughter and I schedule to depart to Vietnam next month. Do India citizen children need visa for Vietnam?

According to rules of Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam visa requirements for India citizen of all ages are almost the same. In order to be eligible to visit, study or other purpose in Vietnam, India children need to get Vietnam visa. However, there are some notices about visa to Vietnam for India children as below:

India children may share passport with parents or have their their own passport. Both of the cases are eligible to apply for Vietnam visa for Indians.

In first case, if children share passport with their parents, parents should send us the scanned copy of the first page of shared passport via email.


Besides, we also need personal information of children’s mother or children’s father to process Vietnam visa for the child.

 Do Indian Children Need Visa For Vietnam

To apply for visa for Vietnam for India children having their own passport, follow the steps below.

- Firstly, you should submit your Vietnam visa application online

- Secondly, it is required to pay the fee named approval fee to issue Vietnam visa approval letter

- Get the Vietnam visa approval letter after 2 business days


India children are eligible to get 1month and 3 months Vietnam visa. However, Vietnam immigration will not process 3 months Vietnam visa for children if you apply alone. Hence, children are required to obtain Vietnam visa with validity of 3 months together with at least an adult.


The issued Vietnam visa approval letter allows Indian children to get Vietnam visa stamped onto passport at Vietnam airport. The immigration officers working at the airport of Vietnam need at least 15 minute to check information and stamp Vietnam visa.


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