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Recently, there is a cruise of summit officers from India coming to Vietnam for diplomatic issue. The delegate are staying in Vietnam for a nearly whole week, and during the roundabout time, the Immigration Department of Vietnam has just made some current changes in terms of approving visa request of Indian citizens.

According to this new change, all visa requests of Indian passport holders is still approved but the visa approval letter is not issued until 17th September, 2014. According to the Immigration Officer, the reason for this change in visa issuance is interpreted to be security for the Indian summit delegation while staying in Vietnam.

Thus, those Indians citizens planning to enter Vietnam and has date of arrival earlier than 17th Sep are advised to remove the arrival date to after 17th.

Steps to request Vietnam visa upon arrival:

-          Send visa application online

-          Pay visa approval fee

-          Get visa approval letter through email

-          Get visa stamped upon arrive at airport

For the visa cost kindly read Vietnam visa fee

For visa types, please read Vietnam tourist visa for Indians and Vietnam business visa for Indians.

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