How to apply for tourist visa Vietnam for Indians


Dear support team, I am an India nationals living and working in China. I wanna to visit Vietnam next month for my vacation. Please advise me how to apply for Vietnam tourist visa for Indians.


Vietnam immigration law indicates that India citizens can apply for Vietnam tourist visa while you are residing in any country in the world providing that the validity of your passport is 6 months upward with at least two blank pages. If India people plan to visit Vietnam by airway, you are advised to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival to get Vietnam visa at any Vietnam international airport.


How to apply for tourist visa Vietnam for Indians


To get Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport, India citizens are required to apply for a visa approval letter before departure.  Visa approval letter is a legal document granted by Vietnam Immigration Department allows you to getting on abroad form China or any country in the world and get official Vietnam visa at Vietnam airport.  To apply for visa approval letter, India citizens can complete visa application form online. Then, you should transfer your payment for visa approval letter fee. This fee is various from different kind of Vietnam visa you requested. After 2 working days of processing, you will receive your visa approval letter which has red seal of Immigration Department of Vietnam via registered email. With this letter, India citizens have the right to get official Vietnam visa for Indians at Vietnam international airport.


How long can India citizens stay in Vietnam with a valid Vietnam tourist visa

Normally, Vietnam tourist visa has validity duration of 1 month. However, if India citizens want to stay longer than 1 month you can apply for 3 month visa or extend your 1 month visa.  Although 3 month visa will be grated as business visa, India can use 3 month Vietnam visa with purpose of tourist. With 3 month Vietnam visa, India citizens can stay in the country longer than 1 month without any problems. Another way for India to stay longer in Vietnam without exiting is extending your Vietnam visa.


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