Vietnam Visa Requirements For Indians

Indians nationals entering Vietnam for any purpose are required to apply for a Vietnam visa or a pre-approved Vietnam visa granted by Immigration Department of Vietnam. This sections focus on guidelines on Vietnam visa requirements for Indians and the necessary steps to get a visa for Vietnam.

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To get visa stamped at Embassy of Vietnam or on arrival at airport in Vietnam, Indians must get a pre-approved visa for Vietnam first. Indians can request this visa approval online. After few business days, they will received the pre-approved visa via email.  Indians should remember following requirements for their passport before applying for visa: It must be 6 month valid at least and there are at least two unused-pages.

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Indians


In getting pre-approved Vietnam visa, Indians are required to wait two business days (standard service). You can get it processed in shorter time by paying the urgent fee (Vietnam visa fees for Indians) and get it processed within 1 business day or even few hours.

Indian nationals getting visa will have to pay two different types of visa cost: Approval cost (pay to get approval visa letter) and stamping cost (when get visa stamped). Normally the approval cost includes sponsor cost of the agent already.  Stamping cost is charged by the governmental officer who stamp visa for you.


The required documents for Indians getting visa at embassy of Vietnam includes:

  • Original passport
  • Visa approval code
  • Two passport sized-photos
  • Stamping cost

Vietnam visa requirements for Indians at airport in Vietnam also include visa approval letter, passport, photos, and the stamping fee.

At present, Indian can get visa for Vietnam for staying in the country no later than three months. However, the residing period can be extended if you request visa extension when your currently used Vietnam visa is going to expire.

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