Vietnam business visa for Indians

The current immigration law of Vietnam regulates that Indian citizens can enter Vietnam for business purpose with a granted visa of less than 90 days. Below is some important remarks on how to get Vietnam business visa for Indians.

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Important Remarks on Vietnam business visa for Indian passport holders

-  Indians citizens wishing to get Vietnam business visa on arrival must enter Vietnam via airway as the land or sea borders of Vietnam issue no visa on arrival for Indians.

-  The validity of Vietnam business visa is the same with that cited in your Vietnam visa approval letter.

-  Business visa can be extended and not necessary the same sponsor to request visa extension for you


Vietnam business visa for Indians 


Requesting business visa for Vietnam for Indian passport holders

-  Send visa application online

-  Complete payment for business visa approval cost

-  Download visa approval letter at email after 2 working days

Indian nationals can request Vietnam business visa via travel agent or via a company in Vietnam. The current Immigration rules state that Indian citizens must have their sponsor to request visa on their behalf no matter they enter Vietnam for business or business purpose. Currently, we support Indians in getting visa for business purpose in case they not yet have one.


How much is Vietnam business visa for Indians?

Indians getting Vietnam business visa need to pay two types of fee: visa approval letter fee and stamping fee. The visa approval letter is paid to the agent and charged differently by different agents. Here we offer the lowest approval visa cost. The stamping fee is paid when you get visa stamped. The Immigration staff of Vietnam there charges the same rate for citizens of all countries in the world.


How long can Indians stay in Vietnam on a business visa?

With a Vietnam business visa, Indians can be allowed to stay in Vietnam for 3 month first, then you can request visa extension if you wish to stay in Vietnam longer. The extension of business visa Vietnam for Indians can be repeated several times later.

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