Vietnam visa for Indian citizens residing in Singapore

It is mandated that Indians have a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam from any country in the world including Singapore. Below is guidance on how to apply for Vietnam visa for Indians residing in Singapore.

Indians from Singapore can apply for Vietnam visa by two popular ways: applying online for pre-approved Vietnam visa and applying at Vietnam embassy.


Vietnam visa for Indian citizens residing in Singapore

Vietnam visa for Indian citizens residing in Singapore

The first way- apply online for pre-approved Vietnam visa: this way is possible for both airway and land/sea way entry. Indians can apply online for a pre-approved Vietnam visa to get stamped Vietnam visa onto passport at Vietnam airport (Vietnam visa approval letter) or at Vietnam embassy (Vietnam visa approval code). To apply, you can submit your Vietnam visa application online, and pay visa approval fee to process pre-approved Vietnam visa for you. 2 working days later, you should check your email to get the pre-approved Vietnam visa which has been issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. For Indians planning to enter Vietnam by bus, ship, boat or train from Singapore, you should bring the Vietnam visa approval code to Vietnam embassy in Singapore to stamp Vietnam visa. Otherwise, for airway entry, getting official Vietnam visa at Vietnam airport with an issued Vietnam visa approval letter is a perfect choice.

The second way- apply at Vietnam embassy in Singapore: although applying for Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy is considered as the traditional way to have Vietnam visa, it is not recommended for Indians citizens. One reason for this is Vietnam visa request of Indians may be rejected at embassy in Singapore or any other country if you do not have an invitation letter issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam. Another reason is this way is the procedure is quite inconvenient as you must go to embassy directly and apply for Vietnam, more time, more expense and efforts are required.


  • For Indians who also have Singapore passport, you can use your Singapore passport to apply for Vietnam visa exemption. According to the visa exemption policy of Vietnam, you no need to have Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. What you need to do is to bring your Singapore passport travel to Vietnam. At the port of entry, you will be stamped Vietnam visa exemption to stay in the country for 21 days without leaving.


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