Vietnam visa information for Indians


I am Indians citizen. I wish to have a short trip to Vietnam in the middle of this month. Please provide me with necessary Vietnam visa information for Indians. Many thanks.


According to Vietnam Immigration policy of Vietnam Immigration Department, Indians passport holders of all ages are required to apply for a visa before entering Vietnam for any purpose: tourist, business or study.

 Vietnam visa information for Indians


1. Information on Vietnam visa requirements for Indians

Before applying for a visa, foreigners in general and Indians citizens in particular should check the validity of your passport and blank passport pages as well. You should make sure that your passport has 6 months validity left and 2 un-used pages at least.


2. Steps to get Vietnam visa for Indians passport holders

Like citizens of other countries, Indians passport holders can apply for visa to Vietnam in 2 ways: applying directly at Vietnam Embassy or applying online for a visa approval letter.


Option 1: Applying at Vietnam Embassy for Indians passport holders


This way is chosen by travelers going to Vietnam by land or sea way. As applying for visa to Vietnam at the Embassy takes long processing time, cost a lot of money and requires complicated documents as well. Applicants are required to submit the original passport, invitation letter of company where you are working in Vietnam, invitation letter of Vietnam Immigration Department. After submitting the required documents, you will receive a confirmation paper of the Embassy and after a week you should come back to get your passport with stamped visa. To get visa by this way, applicants are advised to prepare USD 150 upward.


Due to many inconvenience as mentioned above, most of Indians passport holders and other citizens in the world going to Vietnam by airway do not chose this way to get visa.


Option 2: Applying online for a visa approval letter for Indians passport holders


Applying online is regarded as the best way to get visa for Indians passport holders travelling to Vietnam by airway. Using this way, applicants can get issued visa approval letter within 2 working days at the latest, youjust need to follow 3 below steps to get the letter.


Step 1: Spending a few minutes completing Vietnam visa application form. Indian applicants should make sure that all information noted in the form should be exact as show in your passport. As one of information noted in the form is incorrect, the issued letter is incorrect, too. Accordingly, you cannot enter Vietnam with wrong letter.


Step2: Making payment for visa approval fee via Credit card including Paypal, Western Union or Bank Transfer


Step 3: Receiving the issued Vietnam visa approval letter via your registered email then print the letter out. The letter can be printed in black and white color. You just need to make sure that the letter is printed with clear information.


3. Vietnam visa fees for Indians passport holder

Vietnam Immigration regulates that applicants are required to pay 2 kinds of fee: approval fee and stamping fee to get official visa. The visa approval fee depends on your requested visa type: 1 month (single/ multiple) or 3 month (single/ multiple) visa type. The approval fee is paid online in advance. For stamping fee, the fee is same to all nationalities. It is fixed, and paid in cash for staff in charge when you upon arrival. It depends on your duration time in Vietnam. For detailed information, please refer to Vietnam visa fee page. 


4. Processing time to get Vietnam visa for Indians

Vietnam visa can be proceed from 2 hours to 2 working days, depends on your requested visa service. If your arrival date is not urgent, 3 days left upward, you can apply for standard visa service. For using this service, the issued visa approval letter will be sent to your registered email within 2 working days. In case, your arrival date is urgent, less than 2 working days or you want to get the letter early, you should apply for urgent or supper urgent service. For urgent service, the issued letter will be sent to your registered email within 1 working day. For supper urgent service, you can receive the letter from 2 to 4 hours. The visa approval fee for urgent or supper urgent service is charged USD 10 or USD 25 more comparing to standard service.


5. How long can Indians stay in Vietnam?

Indians citizens can apply for 3 months visa type, the longest validity type. With this visa type, you can stay in Vietnam no more than 90 days. If you want to stay more than 3 months, you should extend or renew your visa, without exiting Vietnam.


For further details on Vietnam visa information for Indians citizens, please contact us.

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