Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indian passport holders

With the recent changes in Vietnam Immigration laws, Indians now can get Vietnam visa upon arrival in a very simple way. Below is the important remarks and guidelines on how to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

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1. Why Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians?

There are a big number of reasons for Indian passport holders to get Vietnam visa on arrival

Firstly, the Embassy of Vietnam currently do not accept visa application of Indians directly without a pre-approved visa granted by Immigration Department of Vietnam

Secondly, Vietnam visa on arrival save Indians passport holders from wasting time as everything can be done online.

Thirdly, Visa on arrival for Vietnam works well even in urgent cases when Indians do not have much time as getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam In India requires.

 Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indian passport holders


 2. How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians?

Before applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, Indians should double check your passport and see whether it is valid for at least 6 months. To starting applying, go to online visa application page, complete it with your personal information in your passport. Then confirm the correctness before finalize the application submission.

The second step is to send payment for visa approval fee. This approval fee is compulsory to be paid prior to the issuance of pre-approval for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Once these above two steps is completed, a visa approval letter that allows Indians getting on plane and stamp visa on arrival at Vietnam airport is issued and sent to your email.

3. How long to get a Vietnam visa for Indians?

The standard service to get pre-approval for Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian passport holders is 2 business days. In urgent cases, Indians can request urgent service (1 business day) or even in few hours (contact us to get details in specific cases of emergency visa service).


4. How much does it cost Indian passport holders to get a Vietnam visa on arrival?

The visa approval cost for Indians is not the same as the cost applied for other citizens.  However, we offer the lowest possible cost for Indians. Stamping fee is applied the same for all citizens. Details can be found at Vietnam visa fee for Indians passport holders


Important notices:

Date of entry in Vietnam visa on arrival application: Indian passport holders should figure out your plan to get the earliest estimated date of arrival in Vietnam. Once the visa approval letter is issued for you, you cannot enter Vietnam earlier than the granted date of arrival with that visa approval letter. In case of changes, you need re-apply for a new visa approval

Validity calculation: pre-approved Vietnam visa on arrival will allows Indians citizens to have visa with the validity identical to what is said in your pre-approved Vietnam visa. Hence, you are eligible to stay in Vietnam during this validity period.

Who can use Vietnam visa on arrival: Only those Indian  passport holders who travel by airway to Vietnam can use visa on arrival

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