Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians 2014

In 2014, there are some minor changes in the regulations on Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. If you wish to enter Vietnam in 2014 and you hold Indian passport, few below notices are useful for you.

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Firstly, Indian citizens can request Vietnam visa on arrival online. Indians can source a travel agent to request pre-approved letter granted by the Immigration department of Vietnam. The letter of visa approval for Vietnam can be printed out from anywhere as it is sent to you via email. Then use the letter to travel to Vietnam and get visa stamped on arrival airport.


Secondly, the visa approval cost for Indians is not the same as other citizens. A travel agent or a business company must act as the sponsor requesting visa approval for you, so the sponsor fee is charged. The approval cost also depends on different agents. Here, at we guarantee the lowest cost possible for Indians.


Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians 2014


Thirdly, getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam directly is now complicated for Indian as the Embassy of Vietnam may required the pre-approved visa before stamping visa onto your passport. Thus, it is advisable for Indian to seek help or sponsor service from a travel agent and have them to request visa approval letter before getting visa stamped at Embassy. Another simpler way is getting visa on arrival


Briefly, getting visa on arrival for Indians in 2014 includes the below steps:

  1. Send visa application online
  2. Settle payment for visa approval fee
  3. Get the letter of approval for Vietnam visa issued and sent to you
  4. Get visa stamped


How long can Indians stay in Vietnam 2014?

The current law allows Indian to enter Vietnam with 3 month visa as the longest validity type. However, Indians can get visa extension for several continual times more.  In case you exit Vietnam by any chance and wish to come back to continue your business, applying for a new visa is recommended as visa extension process will keep your original passport off you and charges more than getting new visa.


In 2014, there are still 3 international airport in Vietnam issuing visa on arrival for Indians: Noibai, Danang, and Tan Son Nhat. Travelers entering Vietnam via these airports can get visa on arrival at anytime even at midnight.


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